by Mary Christa Smith, Communities That Care Coordinator

It’s Thanksgiving time and I am sending you heartfelt gratitude for your engagement in the prevention work in our community.

Did you know that practicing gratitude literally rewires the brain for wellbeing?

In my family we have a gratitude jar.  It’s a simple mason jar with a ribbon on it.  Next to it are small square of paper.  We write down the little and big things we are grateful for and put them in the jar.  On New Year’s Day, we pull them out and read aloud all we have been grateful for during the year.  

Throughout the year, sometimes we find ourselves feeling down and having a hard time accessing feelings of gratitude.  That is when we go to the jar and pick out a few “gratitudes” as a reminder.  It’s amazing how it works:)

The holiday season is also a time that can be stressful and full of obligations that stem from expectations and guilt.  Listen in to Dr. Brad Reedy as he explore how to navigate the holidays with grace.