Are you or someone you love in immediate need of help?

Below is a guide to help you understand what options you can take in extreme risk, moderate risk, or low risk situations.


CALL 911



Summit County Crisis Services



Summit County Non-Crisis Services



  • bleeding
  • has ingested something toxic
  • has a weapon
  • is currently in the process of self harming or harming others
  • causing property damage
  • ALL OF THE ABOVE SCENARIOS ARE considered imminent risk and you should call 911 immediately


  • Experiencing any kind of suicidal thoughts
  • Experiencing emotional disturbances or distress
  • If you are simply concerned about a loved one and want support on what to do or how to help
  • This line is staffed 24/7 with licensed mental health clinicians and peers. If the situation escalates while on the phone, they will contact local dispatch and support you or your loved one by initiating a welfare check

Ask the person if they are in danger of hurting themselves or others. If they are, refer to MODERATE RISK.

If they answer no, but the person is struggling, you can refer directly to a local service provider through either Healthy U Behavioral or Connect Summit County. Click on the links below to search locally.

Healthy U Behavioral

Connect Summit County

We understand you might have more questions so please review additional answers and resources below.

My loved one/I am experiencing a crisis & are an imminent risk to self/others

CALL 911 IF IN IMMEDIATE DANGER – If someone has a weapon, is violent, has ingested something, is bleeding, or incurring property damage.

My loved one or I am experiencing suicidal or self-harm thoughts but not in imminent risk or immediate danger.

CALL Summit County Crisis Services 1-833-995-1295 if someone is having suicidal thoughts or is in emotional distress.

Walk-In Crisis Center For those needing immediate attention at 1820 Sidewinder Ave.

I am looking for a therapist.

Search Healthy U Behavioral Providers https://healthyubehavioral.com

Search CONNECT database providershttp://summit.ut.networkofcare.org/ mh/services/index.aspx

Necesito alguien que habla Español

Christian Center 1-435-709-5805

Jewish Family Services 1-435-731-8455 or 1-801-746-4334

The Peace House 1-800-647-9161

I am looking for events, programs and classes around mental health.

Check out the calendar of events:


I am experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse and sexual assault and need counseling and support.

Call the Peace House 24 hour helpline 1-800-647-9161

I am an LGBTQ+ youth and in need of counseling and support.

Contact Encircle www.encircletherapy.org

Call or Text the Trevor Project 1-866-488-7386

Download the SAFE UT app

I am looking for online information and resources regarding mental health and prevention.



I am a Vail Resorts employee and either me, my roommate or family member need counseling.

CALL ComPsych at 1-(877) 327 – 2289 to speak with a counselor 24/7 Schedule a session directly with a local therapist go to epicemployee.vailresorts.com

Search My Perks & Benefits – My Epic Wellness *this is a no-cost resource for six sessions per year for employees, family and roommates.

I am looking for peer or support groups.

Check out the calendar of events:



I have tried navigating the system and am experiencing barriers to getting mental health care

Call or text CONNECT’s navigation expert: 1-435-776-4357.

Or Email resources@CONNECTSummitCounty.org